Wednesday, 5 April 2006

The funniest things that happen

I am sure there is a point where everyone gets stuck in their usual work cycle where everything becomes mundane. Then there are those funny moments where it just really makes your day. Today was one of those days for me, everything was running on as usual, there weren't any special problems or work for me to handle and it was becoming a little more mundane for me. That was until after lunch when suddenly my boss comes out and say, with the bird flu epidemic floating about we can't eat chicken, beef is a no no because of mad cow desease, pork is out of the question because of JE, fish has mercurial poisoning and vegetables have insecticides. We should all stick to chocolate!

Another funny thing happened was during a netmeeting with people around the world I had to attend. As usual netmeetings are just people meeting up online under aliases and nobody can actually see who is on the other end except by hearing our voices. The funny thing was when a person with a women's name began speaking in a low manly voice, I just burst out laughing. Man, I think the day was pretty eventful.

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