Sunday, 24 October 2004

A late worker

On Friday I had my first experience working late in my company. A problem came up and it had to be solved absolutely before the weekend arrived. The only problem was that the problem was only detected at around 5pm which was like 45 minutes before work ended. Definitely that did not help at all and I was thinking that maybe my colleague and I could finish it by latest maybe 7pm since I had cell group at 8pm and he had to be at the bus station at 9.30pm for his trip back to Ipoh. Well guess again, the problem was finally solved at 10pm and I arrived home from work at 11pm. Tired and worn out I just went to sleep so that I could wake up early for basketball the next morning. The experience? It was alright but having the entire management team staring at you trying to solve the problem wasn't extremely helpful. Japanese bosses seem to like to work late, even the GM of my department leaves at about 8-9pm almost every day. Its quite late coming from a guy who leaves at 5.45pm sharp almost everyday. Workaholics or just plain dedication? Sometimes I ask myself that.

Saturday was filled with sports, firstly basketball in the morning with BK, Dan and Shaun. Played at DJ court and guess what? I am totally out of shape. Lost both 5v5 games, shows that I have no stamina at all. Looks like I got to get back to jogging. But the funny thing was that my knees weren't hurting. Lost my shooting touch and still as crappy as ever under the ring. Well for my second time playing bball, its a bit of an improvement. Later that afternoon, joined the Sheffield gang at Sports Planet in Sunway. Quite a number of people showed up at the futsal, about 14 of us and 7 a-side is just too many on 1 side so we split in to 3 teams. Of course the losing team will leave and whichever team scores the first 2 goals wins. When one team leaves, the next team comes in but they will be short of one player and guess who volunteered each time? Little tired me. So it was 2 hours non-stop of fast paced football and soon I was just exhausted. After all that, I bought dinner at SS2 and went over to Chuen's place. Ate some nasi lemak, fried oyster and some delicious lasagne made by Chuen's mum. The lasagne was extremely delicious and guess what? I went back for seconds today just now. Yum yum!

Thursday, 21 October 2004

Fresh Prince?

What do you get when you watch too much fresh prince of bel air? Actually I have no idea. Oh well. Might as well continue watching some 4 seasons that I have. On the other hand, I don't have time to watch some old movies such as Police Story 1, 2 and 3 sitting around in my room. Oh the weekend, the weekend. Work does take a lot of your time and every week I seem to long for the weekend. Of course, since my weekends are spent with a special someone. I miss those times when I would just watch certain series straight. Thank goodness I haven't started watching 24 yet, I know once I start on that, that means no more social life for me.

Since Chuen is having her exam paper next week, she has been studying non-stop so haven't seen so much of her lately. But I want her to know that I am there to support and encourage her all the way. Only 1 more week till her paper. Stress? I guess not.

Thursday, 14 October 2004

Another snippet

"I remember during the first oil shock in the early 1970s, when oil rocketed to US$40 (RM152) a barrel, many countries took measures ・some drastic, some innovative to reduce oil usage. Air-conditioners were turned up a few extra degrees, cars were allowed on roads on alternative days depending on whether their number plates end with an odd or even number, many countries promoted cycling to work and young couples were encouraged to take cold baths in winter together! Come to think of it, it can be quite fun. " -

Now if Malaysia would actually try these ideas, what will they think of next? My best bet is to start or encourage car pooling I guess, but taking cold showers together? That idea leaves me freezing.

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Are My Eyes seeing corrently?

"PETALING JAYA: TM Net Sdn Bhd broadband customers are in for a bonus.

Come Nov 1, the Internet service provider will upgrade all Streamyx broadband users on its 512Kbps (kilobits per second) package to faster 1Mbps (megabit per second) connections, at no extra cost." -

Now isn't that great for little old me? Now I understand why I have been getting extremely fast download speeds at around 80kbps. Will TMnet ever cease to amaze me?

Monday, 11 October 2004

Sick, feeling sick and is sick

Ok my weekend was not a great weekend. Firstly, I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning to find out that I had a terrible itch on my legs and back only to be surprised that my body has been invaded with an army of rashes. No I am not talking about those small dots on your body, mine was like full blown red lumps that really do look like continents if you see from afar. Anyway I'll just do the usual, head over to the doctors and find out what is wrong. So after a quick visit to the local clinic, I suddenly turned so tired and lethargic, so much so that I did have the energy to want to stay out of bed. So the doctor gave me some pills to eat and some lotion to put on the rash in case it gets itchy, the good news was that she told me that it would clear up in about 24 hours. Boy was she wrong.

Here I am sitting at home on a Monday evening, finally feeling slightly better after visiting SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre) this morning. The poor doctor from the clinic didn't know what happened to me so she actually referred me to the hospital. Thank God my case wasn't that bad until they had to admit me or something but the doctor did gave me a jab on the ass which I think is pretty useful (since I am feeling slightly better now). Anyway besides that jab I had to give a sample of my blood to the lab there for a blood test which I will know the results on Wednesday. The funniest thing about that incident, because of my rashes, most of my arms are quite swollen so the doctor had trouble trying to find my vein. After 3 tries, he finally manage to extract blood from my right arm. Feel sorry for my left arm though.

Anyhow, lying in bed all day sucks as I feel too tired to do anything. But after some time and plenty of sleep, I managed to turn on my computer, check my email and type this. Will wonders never cease? But the best thing about this weekend was the blessing that was Chuen and my parents who were with me throughout the weekend and helping me get the food that I wanted to eat and helping me whenever I need help. So significant was their help was that I imagined if I were staying away from them, who would have taken care of me? Cheerish your moments with your parents is all I have to say. Adios for now!

Wednesday, 6 October 2004


Was just browsing through the web searching for complaints about certain products when I came across this site. Pretty interesting if you ask me.