Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Tiring Weekend

The weekend came and went by extremely fast but it was filled with fun activities such as a 6 hour band practice on Saturday in Setapak for the company's upcoming trip and dinner with my old JVC colleagues in 1Utama. The practice in the afternoon was great as I get to jam and sing along with some of my colleagues and friends and also take a lot of photos while I was there.

Dinner on the other hand was also fun because firstly, there were 12 of us and secondly, it was Saturday night and every restaurant was packed with people. So we ended up in Arena, yes Arena the food court because that is the only place that can accomodate all of us. Food wasn't that great of course and my ramen set shouldn't have cost me so much.

Early the next morning, I had another meeting at 8.30am somewhere in the heart of KL, Lake Gardens. The park was very nice and it has been a long time since the last time I've been there. Would definitely want to bring my camera along there the next time trying to take photos of the area. Maybe I can try to fiddle around with some exposure and shutter speed settings to get a nice effect.

The awaited England match that night ended in dissapointment for me as it was extremely boring and uneventful except for a wonderful Beckham trademark free-kick which decided the match. There were too many fouls which halted the flow of the game. Both teams played equally badly and England looked a tad bit too tired. I really do look forward for the next match but my confidence in them has dropped from low to nil.

Also I've added a couple of photo albums on my sidebar so go check them out.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

More LCD Monitor Updates

As I mentioned in my last post I will post more pictures which I took of my monitor up here. Right now they are rather blur as I tried to keep my hand as still as possible but I think the next attempt I try to take more pictures of it for a review I plan to write up, I am going to use a camera stand.

From the picture above you can see that monitor is pretty huge but I still managed to get it to fit below my center speaker stand (made by my dad). Having a widescreen helps a lot especially if you have to deal with spreadsheets in your daily work or for your passion of surfing through forums on the internet.

Anyhow I love watching TV series on this screen and I noticed that I have been missing so much content especially when viewing on a normal aspect ratio of 4:3 instead of the wonderful 16:9. In conclusion, I would gladly recommend this monitor to anyone who wishes to improve their computer experience!

Friday, 9 June 2006

The dark side

Yes I have finally fallen through to the dark side. I went ahead and bought myself a treat to enjoy when I release my stress after a hard days work. Well you can’t really blame me because Dell was offering a really good deal for it. Now all I can say that I am truly enjoying my TV series moments on a proper widescreen.

Currently I haven’t taken any photos of it yet and I can’t do a full review on it due to time constraints. Of course it will be rather boring and technical but I can always try to give it some good points since I bought it and of course the colour banding issue will also be there.

Two of my colleagues also bought the Dell monitors which were on offer but theirs was the 24” size which to me cost a little too much. Imagine you can actually buy two 20” monitors for the same price of a 24” monitor. Oh well the scenario is pretty much the same with getting two 17” monitors instead of getting a 20” widescreen.

But hey, here I am drinking a nice cool drink sitting in my room having to look at an Excel spreadsheet in full view with no hassle of scrolling through the pages to find the information I need. Even reading forums became much more easier for me right now.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Frustrated about frustrations

Since I started work at my new job, I hardly have any time to actually update my blog but last night I so wanted to update it only to be frustrated by how long it took for the page to load up. It was so bad that I couldn't even load some of the pages properly. After trying to log-on countless of times, all I get was the same error message.

To me that was a surprise as I knew that Google was extremely reliable hence for a few instances when I couldn’t access my Gmail account. The page would load sometimes but the most important part when entering a post via Blogger is that now we have to key in the verification code, the image of that code wasn’t loaded.

Now how would you post something if you can’t see the verification code? Well anyway all of that is done already, it all happened last night but as I am trying to enter in a post today, it is taking extremely long for the page to load.

Look at that? To be honest it is still loading right now. At least I can still write this on a word document while I wait for the page to load. Don’t even get me started on trying to insert in the images to this post.

All in all I do understand that Blogger has been getting so much publicity and that everyone has a Blogspot account nowadays, I guess that after seeing a documentary whereby Google showed the film crew their server farm and mentioning that they had over a hundred thousand servers running, I guess my expectations were rather high.

Anyhow by now the problems would have been solved but deep down I feel extremely frustrated. Am I just blaming poor Blogger on my own personal issues? Who knows? But I don't want to feel this way but no matter how it seems to hit me back. I tried doing things today but I don't get a reply so it makes me even more frustrated.

Could it be my own fault that I am like that but shouldn't I deserve something too? Am I wrong to ask for things sometimes instead of trying my best to give out everything? Am I wrong to just rely that it is always good to give rather than to receive?

Who knows?