Tuesday, 28 September 2004


Yesterday and today weren't very good days. Firstly I was quite sick yesterday and I am slightly better today. Hopefully I should be alright by tomorrow. I am thinking that my body is still not used to sleeping around 6 and a half hours everyday so it became weak and more vunerable to disease haha. Anyway I was just lying in bed most of the time today and all I did was watch more episodes of Topgear, didn't know that the Mazda RX8 was pretty good especially since it has a 1.3litre engine which can whoop out an outstanding 236bhp. Other than that I managed to see a couple of a new TV series called LAX which stands for Los Angeles Exchange which is the 2nd most busiest airport in the US I think. Story gets pretty interesting and I just can't wait to see the 3rd episode.

In the afternoon I tried looking for the panel clinic where I can get free medical check-ups thanks to JVC but I couldn't find it and I just gave up and went to Centrepoint anyway. Looks like there goes RM25 I'll never see again. The best part about the whole day today was Chuen taking time off her busy studying schedule to come and visit me after uni. That was really sweet of her to bring me out for a drink and cheer me up, which it definitely did.

Added in a new link to Josh's blog as well as some free advertising for my company ;).

Saturday, 25 September 2004

A week so fast

Its already been 3 weeks since I started working and I think that I am getting the hang of sleeping around 6-7 hours a night but definitely I do need my coffee and morning sms' to Chuen when I arrive at work. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee before starting work. For the past two weeks I usually get my morning dosage of coffee at the mamak in Centrepoint Bandar Utama but charging me RM1.90 for Nescafe ice is really too much. So from now on, if you see me driving to work in the morning just beware as there is a zombie behind the wheel.

Time seemed to go by pretty quickly at work. Although I may not have that much to do but even the smallest chores like printing out schematics can take about 5 hours to complete or attending a meeting with suppliers, 2 hours can just fly by.

Exercise seems right now to be a rare occasion for me as most of my nights I have something on but I am trying to squeeze in a couple of badminton sessions to shed those unsightly fats around my tummy. Jogging is alright but I can’t do it long term thanks to my weak knees that cannot support my heavy upper body. So that is it for the “joggers high” one can get from jogging thanks to all the heavily pumped endorphins running through your system.

Oh man, I just saw a topless guy driving his huge garbage truck, now isn’t that a lovely sight to behold? The nature of God’s wonderful creation, displayed at the peak of its beauty right before my eyes. Hah, its no wonder why I need to change my contacts ever so often.

Saturday, 18 September 2004

Praise God

Today I was in church for a full day Campus Youth Zone planning for next year's event. I was really all fired up and even though I had less than 5 hours of sleep the night before, I stayed awake because I was just so excited with all the things that came out during the planning. The meeting finished at about 4pm and I was supposed to take Jun Liang out to Lowyat Plaza to get a computer but due to circumstances we didn't go instead and I came home hoping to have a good rest before meeting up with my good friend Vincent.

The weather really didn't help, the rain was pouring and the lightning was just blazing away in the sky while traffic was slowed to a crawl at about almost everywhere. So when I reached home, I gave a huge sigh of relief since the rain was just so heavy, all I wanted to do was go in and watch some TV or shows on my computer. I took out my gate remote control and guess what? It didn't work, the lights were out in my house so I guessed that the lightning caused the circuits to trip in my house and I couldn't open the gate at all. Taking a glance at the weather, I considered whether I should get the umbrella but I just ran down and quickly opened the side gate and rushed in, turned on the electricity and then opened the automatic gate and drove in. All drenched now, all I wanted even more was take a nice hot shower and then a short nap to recooperate the sleep that I lost throughout the week.

I went in to my room, turned on my computer and the monitor just went kaput. Well it didn't really go kaput but it just couldn't work. I tried at first to start my computer in safe mode but it still couldn't register my monitor. Then remembering all the things my friends mentioned about Samsung monitors, I felt a slight fear in my heart thinking that the monitor might have burnt out. But after checking with another monitor, it seemed that my graphics card had konked out instead. Now this was after countless tries trying to reset my computer settings and restoring all the points on Windows but still it still didn't work. By this time, 2 hours had passed and I was getting more and more frustrated and I was praying so hard to God. Then after trying for so long and praying as well, I told God that it is all up to him and I was already considering thinking of taking a loan from my parents to finance a new graphics card and thinking of my monthly budget.

I took a shower and then took out my graphics card and reinstalled it again and praise God! It worked. This post here is a testament to show that God really is great and mighty and wonderful, of course, I used my computer to write it and the incident just happened. So many times has He miraculously helped, but time and again, complacency creeps in to my life again. I remembered that I should always seek first His kingdom then all these shall be given unto me. I do admit that most of the time I am driven by material wealth and I do admit that I am very materialistic especially when it comes to technology. I just love all those gadgets and stuff. But today God has humbled me and that man does not live on technology alone but solely for God's purpose.

Now I believe that technology was created so that man can use it to help him fulfill God's purpose for Him. With such great advances especially in communication, we can spread his Word further and further in to those un-reached areas. No more can man give the excuse of not being able to spread His word. Excuses are just created to cover up our complacencies.

Thursday, 16 September 2004

Japanese? Nihon-go?

So after a week I finally gotten a computer. Well of course there are complaints. First of all the computer is not a new one, I only managed to get this old one computer from the software group. Its a Pentium II running on Windows NT Japanese version. Talk about language barrier but thanks to me being so bored with nothing to do everyday in the office, having a computer that can actually surf the net is a great blessing. Except today when I tried writing my weekly report but I couldn't do much because Microsoft Word was in Japanese and everytime I typed something only Japanese characters came out so I had to type everything in notepad and then copy and paste it into Word. Now that wasn't so difficult no? Can't wait for tomorrow, having my second Japanese class. Hope to learn a bit more as time goes by.

So again the same old routine, after work leave around 5.45pm, well I have to leave after that. I can't sign out before 5.45pm or else my boss will kick my hide. So as usual I am bogged by the decision to choose which way to take back. If I take the NKVE all the way back its going to be RM1.50 but to get to the NKVE Shah Alam exit, I need to go through countless traffic lights. Another method is to head in to the Federal Highway and then in to the NKVE at the Subang exit. In total it would cost RM1.90. RM0.40 everyday for around 20+ days is about RM10 difference. So is time more worth it or is saving RM10 a month?

Today was great because I have no plans tonight and I can actually spend more time with Chuen. Brought her out for dinner and then to IKEA to help her find a table for her room. It really is a great blessing to be with her. So great that I am willing to do anything for her. Oh well, enough ranting. Time to go to bed and wake up super duper early for work. Can't wait for the weekend. Adios or sayonara!

Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Wednesday? Its all downhill from here!

Ok, everyday I go to my office and sit down at an empty desk thinking what am I going to do today. Usually for the past week I have been doing some volunteer reading, which means reading some documents regarding NTSC and PAL systems as well as other misc. items. Today I was glad because I knew what I had to do. It was training conducted in-house by my company. The title? Advanced Excel. Thinking that this would definitely increase my efficiency with Microsoft Excel, I thought, hey why not and have a go?

So 9am I was sitting eagerly in the HR department training room and of course, Malaysian time means it starts at 9.30am. After introducing ourselves, we started off with some basic templates and learning how to utilize them which was then followed by styles. After that came the interesting parts such as macros and pivot tables. All in all, from 9am till 5pm, my entire time was fully occupied and I was glad that I had something to do as well as learning something important. Of course there were a few moments when I just blurred out and I was caught because the teacher asked me some questions and I just sat there giving her a dazed look. So much for a long attention span. The funniest thing about all this was that when I talked to Jolene just now over dinner, it seems that what I learned today was basic. Yes BASIC. My oh my, now I can't wait for the intermediate level, if they were ever going to give one :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Something New?

What do you get after following all 10 seasons of FRIENDs? For one thing, maybe stand a chance of challenging Joshua Ting in a FRIENDs quiz which I know I will sincerely lose. Second of all, I can always look forward to the next new spin off series by Matt Le Blanc entitled "Joey". Ok before I update more on that, let me finish viewing the first episode. It was released last week and since I was away during the weekend I didn't have the time to watch it and give it my personal review.

Lets begin, Joey? He still the same, Matt plays the same Joey character after leaving his friends (FRIENDs) in New York. Now he resides in sunny side Hollywood, California trying out as a budding actor. Hanging out with his sister together with his nephew, Joey tries to find a new start to life after Friends in Hollywood. The joke concept isn't that much a stray from the previous friends but hey, it still entertains me to some extent. All in all, I give it a 7/10. Can't wait to see how this new series go. Directed by Kevin Bright and resident Friend David Schwimmer, unless you are a Friends fanatic, you just can't go wrong with this formula they put together.

Monday, 13 September 2004

Great weekend

Spent the Saturday and Sunday hanging out with my cell group at Frasers. Although its a pity that I couldn't have joined them earlier on Friday but those two days with them was a real blessing for me. I managed to get to know each and everyone a little better and also get closer as a cell group. Funniest thing was that we have identified Jessey as the next cell leader as soon as the cell multiplies, woohoo to Jessey!

Not only did I have a great time, Liverpool won as well. Its about time that they did, after all that spending. Its a pity that the match wasn't shown live but it did give me the pleasure to see Man Utd draw against Bolton which I thought they should have lost.

Oh well, another weekend gone, another week to go. Its back to work, although right now, my company is paying me to actually shake my legs :P

Monday, 6 September 2004

First Day of Work

Joining the working class at last. Well honestly I wasn't that enthusiastic, I mean, who is. But to some people their work is their life and sometimes it becomes a passion and not just a daily routine. That is something that I would like to achieve in my life. Work as a passion instead of a "wake-up, go work, make money and come back" thing. I want to enjoy my work but after the first day, I can honestly say that I was just sitting in a room thanks to the HR department being extremely busy with other stuff. So alone I sat in the waiting room with a few people from different departments briefing me about the plan of the company. Tomorrow, I shall wait and see what is up for me.