Sunday, 28 May 2006

The long weekend

Finally, it is 11:52pm on a Sunday night and I am going bed soon. It has been a week since I last stepped into my workplace and not because I was on leave but I had to attend a training session downtown which I thought was a real highlight in my current career right now. I wonder what lies ahead this week? Will I have so much work to do? Am I on call this week? Everything will be answered in less than 10 hours.

As I count the final minutes before I rest my head and doze off to dream land, I had the great pleasure of catching the final trilogy of the X-Men series and I thought it was wonderful. My only complaint that the movie was a little shorter than I expected. I am the type of guy who would love to watch action movies like that which lasts extremely long. If only it were for 3 hours.

The weekend was good, managed to get a little bit of exercise from my weekly futsal session and today's game was extremely fun. Ok I can feel the weight of my eyelids closing down on me. Its time for bed.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Say no more to dead batteries!

I can finally say no more to sudden battery deaths or that’s what I refer to when I am playing some computer game and die/lose/humiliated because the batteries on my mouse died on me. It has finally reached a point where I can no longer tolerate being defeated due to “technical” issues. The age of dawn has finally reached me and I can only whisper sweet goodbyes to my old wireless Logitech MX700 mouse. Farewell old friend, you have served me well for the past 4 years.

Behold my new mouse cometh. The all new (well to me it is) Razer Krait!

Back in the days when optical technology was but a myth and games such as Quake filled Cybercafes, Razer was a formidable brand that creates mice that were meant for gamers. Their first mouse which was a huge piece operated at 1000dpi (dots per square inch) and it cost a whopping RM300 then. Nowadays. 1000dpi almost come standard in any branded optical mouse which you can buy for RM100 but what makes this Razer so special is that it is rated at 1600dpi. Since most people are a sucker for ratings, they even print it on the box!

Yes, it is optimized for Real Time Strategy games! Does that mean that my already leet Dota skills will improve? Well I tested out the mice right after installing it and guess what? I lost! Hoorah I can blame it on noobs this time round.

Anyhow, let's talk about the mouse. It looks great, it is smaller and lighter compared to my heavy MX700. Here is a picture to prove it!

Look at how big the MX700 is and how small the new Razer Krait is. The weight is a huge difference mainly because the MX700 had two AA size batteries in them which caused the entire mouse to be heavier. At the beginning I wasn't used to the weight so mouse movement was a little quick for me. Right now, I feel as if when I hold my mouse, I am holding my phone as well.

The entire package was pretty nice, there was a CD for the mouse drivers, a certificate of ownership and authentication and finally a window sticker which is the same as those you would stick on your car window. I guess Razer was thinking that since most of the PC cases now have side window panels, it would be nice if someone stuck their sticker there and show it off at some LAN party.

In conclusion, it's nice to have a mouse that just doesn't die out on you. Oh yeah, the cool orange glow is pretty awesome except when you want sleep. I needed some sort of paper to fully cover it so that the light doesn't bother me when I sleep. Trust me, I am a light sleeper alright!

Tuesday, 9 May 2006


Did you ever have a very simple password protecting your system? Or do you have a super password which follows all the rules such as having both capital alpha numeric passwords with symbols? The funny thing is that if your password is as good as it gets, what stops your own self from revealing it.

#244321 +(14698)- [X]

(Cthon98) hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars
(Cthon98) ********* see!
(AzureDiamond) hunter2
(AzureDiamond) doesnt look like stars to me
(Cthon98) *******
(Cthon98) thats what I see
(AzureDiamond) oh, really?
(Cthon98) Absolutely
(AzureDiamond) you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2
(AzureDiamond) haha, does that look funny to you?
(Cthon98) lol, yes. See, when YOU type hunter2, it shows to us as *******
(AzureDiamond) thats neat, I didnt know IRC did that
(Cthon98) yep, no matter how many times you type hunter2, it will show to us as *******
(AzureDiamond) awesome!
(AzureDiamond) wait, how do you know my pw?
(Cthon98) er, I just copy pasted YOUR ******'s and it appears to YOU as hunter2 cause its your pw
(AzureDiamond) oh, ok.