Wednesday, 22 December 2004


Finally getting back in to the mood of blogging. Firstly, just a
simple test to make sure that I can actually post on my blog using my
email address. Well of course doing it through the normal way will be
just too obvious at work but I like to have other options of posting
and this is one of them.

Christmas is coming and you know what that means, its someone's
birthday on Saturday. Someone very very special in my heart and
without him this day I would be lost. He is none other than Jesus.
Christmas is not all about presents and santa claus or christmas trees
or mistletoe. No it is about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who
came to earth this very day about 2000 years ago to give His life so
that we may live. Just live it up and enjoy yourself for the festive
season has arrived!

Hey hey hey

Hey guess what? I got my letter published on the News Straight Times the other day. Not too bad for a guy who wants to start a little journalism on the side. Check out the link here.

Saturday, 4 December 2004

Some thoughts for you

Ever felt like you want to know everything? If these thoughts don't come to mind, then what does? Head over here to read through some really zany thoughts.

  • Why do we say "heads up" when we actually duck?
  • Whats a question with no answer called?
  • How do "do not walk on grass" signs get there?
  • When a store has double doors why do they only let you use one of them?
  • If there was a crumb on the table and you cut it in half, would you have two crumbs or two halves of a crumb?
  • "What was Captian Hook's name before he had a hook for a hand?"

If only the world was flat so sattelites wouldn't need to orbit the earth....

Thursday, 2 December 2004

Milo Shake? Chocolate Shake? Nah, planet shake!

Attended the first night session of the Planet Skakers conference here in Malaysia. Not attending the second one? Well I am at work updating my blog :P. Anyway the concert was great, finding a parking space wasn't. The crowd was huge and the change of getting in front was near impossible so I settled at the back with Chuen. Split up from my cell group members (well I didn't see any of them except those whom I saw before I came in) I was so far from stage that my camera could hardly take a decent shot but I will still post some pictures up soon. The music wasn't that familiar (due to the fact that I hadn't listened to any of their 3 new albums) so I wasn't drawn or possesed by the music or the tune but I knew God was telling me that true worship comes from within and not from the music. So slowly I began to absorb myself and concentrate on worshipping God instead of worrying about what the next line of lyrics is or am I singing it correctly.

The main significant thing of the whole event was the ending part when the pastor asked everyone to call on to Jesus. Little did I know how quiet I was or how shy I was to even let go a squeek but after a great deal of convincing myself I managed to shout out loud! Now that is what I call getting God's attention. Once the event was over, I headed over to the shop out front and bought 2 CDs, well it is payday anyway and the money does go to helping in certain ministries. And what do you do when you buy CDs at a concert? You get them signed of course. So onward I headed to the signing booth where I managed to get both my CDs signed. After a full day out from home, I managed to struggle back home around 11.30pm and slept pretty soon.