Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Kiara Flea Market

So what do you usually do on a Sunday? If you are up for it, head over to Plaza Mont Kiara and check out the local flee market of there. You will definitely see plenty of interesting things there.

There is plenty to do there, from shopping to having a nice cooling cup of coffee whilst surfing the web. Check out all of the clothes below, guys beware, your girl might just burn that big hole in your pocket.

It's a great place to bring your loved ones to shop, kids will love this place and things aren't that expensive at all. I mean look at the prices below, RM10 for 5 pairs of earrings? Talk about a bargain!

Check out those t-shirts below with the cool label Black Sheep. Not too shabby for some of my friends trying out their own business. Like I told them, you always start small and later on, move on to bigger things. I believe that they do have a great entrepreneur spirit within them.

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So head over to the Plaza Mont Kiara in Sri Hartamas this Sunday. It's open from 10.00am till 6.00pm. I am sure you will enjoy yourself there. If you want to even participate by selling stuff in this flea market, head over to Plaza Mont Kiara and head to the office there. The price goes for RM60 for rent. Not too shabby if you ask me.

To check out more photos of the place, click below.

Edit: Oh well, my spelling sucks big time so I had to change the title of this post. Anyway, I would like to thank whoever pointed out the mistake to me. I do need a little guidance once in a while.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Torn between two teams

What do you do when the team you support is playing the first match of the EPL against the team you experienced during your university days? As the logo suggests, Liverpool’s first match would be against Sheffield United. If you all could remember the last encounter, Sheffield United once beat Liverpool 2-1 in the league cup semi-final which cost me a hefty fine in terms of a Sheffield United jersey.

After 3 years of studying in Sheffield, I always had a sort of glimmer within me hoping that Sheffield United might make through to the Premier League but for 3 years without fail, they would lose out in the playoffs. I had my money all ready, waiting to purchase that season ticket with hope to see the stars of the Premier League at Bramall Lane. So much for that, now that I am back in Malaysia, guess who makes it to the Premier League?

Anyway, I am eager for Sheffield United to perform well this upcoming season, well enough to avoid relegation that is. They play with a very brutal style under Neil Warnock but let’s see if they can maintain their class against the big guns. This will definitely be a big test for them.

My prediction? Liverpool 2, Sheff Utd 0.

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Is there anymore Justice?

Recently there has been big discussions over the whole issue on having to pay a RM20,000 fine for not carrying your MyKad around. Now that is definitely a hefty price to pay for not wanting to risk the hassle of being mugged or pick-pocketed. But in all seriousness, why should Malaysians be charged such a high price for being victims? Would you expect a guy going for a swim in the sea to carry his MyKad around? Or how about fisherman who go out to see everyday?

Next, snatch theft victims. Reporting a lost MyKad is one thing but paying another RM100 fine for losing is just rubbing more salt into the victim’s wounds. The fact that they lose all of their belongings in their purses, experience the trauma of being mugged and next they have to fork out a RM100 fine because they were being unlucky? So much for justice, the thief gets to steal cash and the victim gets to pay more cash.

Ok fine, our MyKad has quite a number of useful features such as TouchNGo functionality and even acts as a cash card so not carrying it may be an inconvenience for certain people. RM20,000 is definitely a lot and I can definitely bet that many people around are not carrying their MyKad thus quite a fair bit of money can be collected and used to subsidize MAS. So much again for fair play since AirAsia seems to be hanging on to the shorter straw.

Recently a friend of mine got her hand bag snatched in Damansara Jaya. A housing area with their so called DJ Roa which proved to be rather unsuccessful because a single guy going around in a motorbike can’t really spot snatch thiefs hiding in the darker areas of the neighbourhood. But things like these do happen and they happen rather frequently. Learning from this incident my friend mentioned that they like to prey on people who are either entering their vehicles or exiting their vehicles because at those two moments, the victim usually has other things on their mind.

For example, if you are walking along a street and you know that it is getting dark, your senses will be aware of your surrounding and precautionary maneuvers will actually fill your mind. But at those two moments, there can be a mind lapse whereby you might be concentrating on getting your stuff out of the car or you are just relieved that you reached your car and you let your guard down for that minute.

In conclusion it is better to be safe than sorry, prevention is better than cure so ladies, please always be aware out there.

Monday, 3 July 2006

Weekend Craze

Three extremely tiring days went by and I am glad I took the day off to rest. Although I had so much fun I guess my body just couldn't take it. Anyhow before I can post anything else I have to head over to Lot 81 for FLARE practice.

Check out my new photo album on the side bar. I only uploaded the nicer ones, the other ones were pretty crap. Goes to show that I still can't handle a digicam well enough.