Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Happy New Year

The New Year started out great with two days of relaxation and hanging out with friends. And for once, I think I will definitely take on a couple of New Year's Resolutions and see at the end of the year how much I have achieved.

Resolution #1:
Try to lose at least 20kg or drop my weight down to 85kg. That was my plan throughout the year but as the food gotten better, so did my waist size. Also it would be good to lose that double chin of mine, it definitely isn't that appealing.

Resolution #2:

To run a half marathon and to compete in another 10km run which I did last year. My target would be the upcoming KL Marathon which I will attend with some of my colleagues.

Resolution #3:

To properly save enough money and to follow the advice I've gotten from my personal financial management workshop which I went for last year. That means having at least 3-4 months of salary in savings in the event I ever lost a job and to continuously save more than 30% of my income.

Resolution #4:

To practice on my electric guitar and to play correctly and going back to the basics. This means I need to either purchase a metronome or download a digital version to work on my timings. Expectations would be to practice at least 3 hours a week.

Well so far these are the only things I can think of right now. Hopefully I might add in something else but for now, I guess I know what I need to achieve. Let's make the next check point at the next quarter.