Tuesday, 4 September 2007

When all planning fails

Trying to surprise someone on their actual birthday is never an easy thing to do without any proper prior planning. Even if it is just to go over to their house and surprise the birthday girl with a nice piece of ice cream cake from Baskins at night.

The rain was really pouring last night and after crawling home from Cyberjaya and getting stuck numerous times on the LDP thanks to heavy traffic and rain, I finally reached home and prepared to head out to surprise the birthday girl.

There we were, all gathering at our meeting point at Centrepoint Bandar Utama and then we get a call.

"I can't get her to stay at home"

"Why not?"

"I told her that I didn't allow her to go out but she insisted"

"Oh darn it, looks like we can't surprise her after all"

"Guys, tonight's plan is canceled, let's have dinner instead"

So here we were sitting at Cagayan's (a nice Filipino restaurant) eating pork like nobody's business (ok, I am rather pork deprived in Cyberjaya). Well I guess pretty much that Jon went back home and ate the ice cream cake.

Birthday plan surprise, postponed till Wednesday.

p.s. Eventually we found out that the birthday girl went out on a date. I guess we could have been mean and crashed in on her birthday date but we are gentle souls after all.