Thursday, 2 December 2004

Milo Shake? Chocolate Shake? Nah, planet shake!

Attended the first night session of the Planet Skakers conference here in Malaysia. Not attending the second one? Well I am at work updating my blog :P. Anyway the concert was great, finding a parking space wasn't. The crowd was huge and the change of getting in front was near impossible so I settled at the back with Chuen. Split up from my cell group members (well I didn't see any of them except those whom I saw before I came in) I was so far from stage that my camera could hardly take a decent shot but I will still post some pictures up soon. The music wasn't that familiar (due to the fact that I hadn't listened to any of their 3 new albums) so I wasn't drawn or possesed by the music or the tune but I knew God was telling me that true worship comes from within and not from the music. So slowly I began to absorb myself and concentrate on worshipping God instead of worrying about what the next line of lyrics is or am I singing it correctly.

The main significant thing of the whole event was the ending part when the pastor asked everyone to call on to Jesus. Little did I know how quiet I was or how shy I was to even let go a squeek but after a great deal of convincing myself I managed to shout out loud! Now that is what I call getting God's attention. Once the event was over, I headed over to the shop out front and bought 2 CDs, well it is payday anyway and the money does go to helping in certain ministries. And what do you do when you buy CDs at a concert? You get them signed of course. So onward I headed to the signing booth where I managed to get both my CDs signed. After a full day out from home, I managed to struggle back home around 11.30pm and slept pretty soon.