Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Torn between two teams

What do you do when the team you support is playing the first match of the EPL against the team you experienced during your university days? As the logo suggests, Liverpool’s first match would be against Sheffield United. If you all could remember the last encounter, Sheffield United once beat Liverpool 2-1 in the league cup semi-final which cost me a hefty fine in terms of a Sheffield United jersey.

After 3 years of studying in Sheffield, I always had a sort of glimmer within me hoping that Sheffield United might make through to the Premier League but for 3 years without fail, they would lose out in the playoffs. I had my money all ready, waiting to purchase that season ticket with hope to see the stars of the Premier League at Bramall Lane. So much for that, now that I am back in Malaysia, guess who makes it to the Premier League?

Anyway, I am eager for Sheffield United to perform well this upcoming season, well enough to avoid relegation that is. They play with a very brutal style under Neil Warnock but let’s see if they can maintain their class against the big guns. This will definitely be a big test for them.

My prediction? Liverpool 2, Sheff Utd 0.


Bladesman said...

No, I think the HOME team will win ;-)

Mavik said...

To be honest, having a win at Bramall Lane would be great. That is if I was still there. My place was just about 5 minutes walk away from Bramall Lane and on some nights, you could actually hear the crowd cheering!