Friday, 10 November 2006

Eat less pork??!?!

Usually every morning I would love to glance through the newspapers or read some news online before starting my day. Being based in Cyberjaya isn't exactly my perfect area to work in due to the fact that the food in this area suck extremely badly and, oh yeah, its pork-free. Fine, I would take my time to drive to the neighbouring towns (Sri Kembangan and Dengkil) to indulge myself in a little "bak kut teh" and "char siew siew yuk" rice.

Now as stated in the newspapers today, Mr. Chua has advised all of us to eat less pork because some farmers are injecting super poison or hormonal drugs into pigs so that they can grow faster and be extra fat in order that people like me can enjoy the crispyness of "siew yuk" everyday. Well according to facts, we consume about 3,500 pigs a day in Malaysia which I was totally shocked.

I think the curse is continuining for me because previously I was cursed with eating in my factory's canteen for over a year with no chance of getting out to taste some delicious pork but alas, here I am, back to square one all over again.

Anyway I should stop complaining about my pork diet, and start concentrating on my training for the next 10km run which I am unsure of when it will be held. Hopefully I can beat my previous time during the Subang Jaya run.