Thursday, 23 November 2006

MAS does it again!

Just about 20 minutes ago, I decided to plan a trip to Adelaide sometime in the middle of next year, maybe around June. In order to plan things out, the first thing that comes to mind is that how much must I save for the airfare. Being a patriot and loyal to Malaysian companies, the first website I visited was the Malaysian Airlines website.

Upon doing a quick search on Google, I came upon the Malaysian Airlines website, it looked great and very professional with plenty of web adverts around but easy navigation. So I keyed in the destination, date and, of course, economy class. And behold, my results? Well a picture is always worth a thousand words. So see it here for yourself.

Now I know why MAS is losing money and customers

Look at the price they are charging me for! RM10k for a ticket. Oh well, being the extreme cheapskate I am, I decided to go around bugging my colleagues asking them for good prices online and finally I came upon Singapore Airlines' website. Now this is the proper pricing for a ticket.

The real price? RM2.7k?

So much for efficient or reliable data obtained from our flagship carrier, I wonder if AirAsia ever face this kind of problems in regards to getting ticket prices correct. Unless this is just the air hike which MAS did mention earlier.

I am just worried that if this is the kind of service we would get from our local companies, how are we supposed to compete internationally on level ground where they have no one but themselves to rely on? Too much spoon feeding for MAS? I think so.