Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Completely torn up

Recently I have been bogged down by thoughts of whether I should move towards a Mac OS platform and work on my photo editing there or should I stick with the all familiar Windows. I was convinced at one point to actually purchase a MacBook but after this incident, I thought maybe I should be sticking with Windows.

Of course before actually making the final decision, there are two upcoming events which I am eagerly awaiting from both sides of the camp.

Firstly, on the Apple side, the eminent launch of Leopard is due in October and rumours have it that a new MacBook is also due at the end of the year with Santa Rosa.

Secondly, Vista is eagerly awaiting it's first Service Pack which offers vast improvements over it's current state of bugs and problematic driver issues.

What makes Vista appealing is that I don't have to spend a bomb on it and I get a better system. For example, the current price of the MacBook is RM4,999 which is pricey for a small laptop which offers meager performance. For RM3,500, I could actually get a Quad Core desktop system ever since Intel has released the latest pricing for the Q6600 processor which costs RM985.

The question now returns to me, mobility versus desktop processing. With a desktop, you can definitely get better and faster components for a cheaper price and the Apple equivalent of a portable powerhouse comes in the form of the MacBook Pro which is offered at RM7,299 for the lower end model.

Then again the whole idea of being able to work with a Mac, a machine and OS which has proven itself to be strong in the areas of visual and stunning performance and runs with the tag line, "It just works" is something which is of interest to me. I guess it could be because of the whole new environment which I am eager to try out.

At the moment, time can only tell as I continue to do a little bit more research between the two platforms and figure out what are the benefits and pitfalls.