Sunday, 18 July 2004

Bayswater for Duck anyone?

Finally another chance for me to get online and check my emails and read some stuff on the net. Well the fact that the tour has finally ended (actually on Thursday to be exact), I am not spending some time in London before heading towards Sheffield tomorrow. Can't wait to get back to Malaysia though.
Managed to watch Phantom of the Opera just now with my parents. "Quite nice actually" was exactly what I said after the show although I didn't join the majority of the crowd who gave the actors and actresses a standing ovation. None the less it was very good but still to me I did prefer Lion King due to its unique costume designs and how the play was organised. Well thats enough being a so called theatre critic.
Five more days till graduation and I can't wait for the Premiership season to start. Really am looking forward to see how well Liverpool will perform this season under the management of Rafael Benitez. A cup this season would be something to look forward to.

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sorry for the late reply. just got back from DC. had the chance to meet the PM . kewl stuff.
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