Monday, 12 July 2004


Sigh the lack of updates on my Blog can mean only one thing. No internet connection back home and also here. Well just to give a brief update, I am travelling through Europe right now. Just arrived here in Amsterdam from Germany and before Germany I was in Switzerland. Anyway this hotel where I am staying is quite nice which provides free internet service so yes I have updated my blog. Well I am hoping to get Streamyx when I get back to Malaysia but until 2 weeks from now will I touch down on Malaysian soil. Can't wait to graduate though, whoopee!

Going on tour with Malaysia's tour company is pretty taxing. I mean most of the time we are on the bus moving from one country to another, next thing is that most of the hotels are at the outskirts. Don't get me wrong, this hotel I am staying in seems to be the grandest of them all. All of which are 4 stars but this one is absolutely the best so far. I mean with all the facilities and that the hotel is huge, what more can a tourist want. Except free stuff. Anyway logging off now, internet here may be free but there is a line waiting behind me already.