Monday, 11 October 2004

Sick, feeling sick and is sick

Ok my weekend was not a great weekend. Firstly, I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning to find out that I had a terrible itch on my legs and back only to be surprised that my body has been invaded with an army of rashes. No I am not talking about those small dots on your body, mine was like full blown red lumps that really do look like continents if you see from afar. Anyway I'll just do the usual, head over to the doctors and find out what is wrong. So after a quick visit to the local clinic, I suddenly turned so tired and lethargic, so much so that I did have the energy to want to stay out of bed. So the doctor gave me some pills to eat and some lotion to put on the rash in case it gets itchy, the good news was that she told me that it would clear up in about 24 hours. Boy was she wrong.

Here I am sitting at home on a Monday evening, finally feeling slightly better after visiting SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre) this morning. The poor doctor from the clinic didn't know what happened to me so she actually referred me to the hospital. Thank God my case wasn't that bad until they had to admit me or something but the doctor did gave me a jab on the ass which I think is pretty useful (since I am feeling slightly better now). Anyway besides that jab I had to give a sample of my blood to the lab there for a blood test which I will know the results on Wednesday. The funniest thing about that incident, because of my rashes, most of my arms are quite swollen so the doctor had trouble trying to find my vein. After 3 tries, he finally manage to extract blood from my right arm. Feel sorry for my left arm though.

Anyhow, lying in bed all day sucks as I feel too tired to do anything. But after some time and plenty of sleep, I managed to turn on my computer, check my email and type this. Will wonders never cease? But the best thing about this weekend was the blessing that was Chuen and my parents who were with me throughout the weekend and helping me get the food that I wanted to eat and helping me whenever I need help. So significant was their help was that I imagined if I were staying away from them, who would have taken care of me? Cheerish your moments with your parents is all I have to say. Adios for now!