Sunday, 24 October 2004

A late worker

On Friday I had my first experience working late in my company. A problem came up and it had to be solved absolutely before the weekend arrived. The only problem was that the problem was only detected at around 5pm which was like 45 minutes before work ended. Definitely that did not help at all and I was thinking that maybe my colleague and I could finish it by latest maybe 7pm since I had cell group at 8pm and he had to be at the bus station at 9.30pm for his trip back to Ipoh. Well guess again, the problem was finally solved at 10pm and I arrived home from work at 11pm. Tired and worn out I just went to sleep so that I could wake up early for basketball the next morning. The experience? It was alright but having the entire management team staring at you trying to solve the problem wasn't extremely helpful. Japanese bosses seem to like to work late, even the GM of my department leaves at about 8-9pm almost every day. Its quite late coming from a guy who leaves at 5.45pm sharp almost everyday. Workaholics or just plain dedication? Sometimes I ask myself that.

Saturday was filled with sports, firstly basketball in the morning with BK, Dan and Shaun. Played at DJ court and guess what? I am totally out of shape. Lost both 5v5 games, shows that I have no stamina at all. Looks like I got to get back to jogging. But the funny thing was that my knees weren't hurting. Lost my shooting touch and still as crappy as ever under the ring. Well for my second time playing bball, its a bit of an improvement. Later that afternoon, joined the Sheffield gang at Sports Planet in Sunway. Quite a number of people showed up at the futsal, about 14 of us and 7 a-side is just too many on 1 side so we split in to 3 teams. Of course the losing team will leave and whichever team scores the first 2 goals wins. When one team leaves, the next team comes in but they will be short of one player and guess who volunteered each time? Little tired me. So it was 2 hours non-stop of fast paced football and soon I was just exhausted. After all that, I bought dinner at SS2 and went over to Chuen's place. Ate some nasi lemak, fried oyster and some delicious lasagne made by Chuen's mum. The lasagne was extremely delicious and guess what? I went back for seconds today just now. Yum yum!