Friday, 12 November 2004

Long holidays

Finally, for this whole month I have been waiting for this long 9 day break which I have. Life has been great and yesterday I had the honour of watching two of my cell members get married. But of course, last Sunday, the fun part was the bachelor party. Actually it gave me a frightful view of whats to come. Why? Well firstly it ain't the type of "bachelor" party that you would expect with the strippers and all but more of a test of whats to come. First we had the groom to be dress up in a sleeveless shirt with words written on the front, "Another one bites the dust" and "I am getting married on 11/11" at the back. That was ok, but of course we weren't going to let him off that easy. Next we made a cardboard cut out that looked like prison bars and he had to put his head in between. After that we tied a chain around his ankle and of course there was a ball on the other chain. The hair was next and my did we gel his hair up good. So once that was done, it was time to show the world that he is ready. We brought him to Midvalley in full view of everyone on a packful Sunday night.

First stop, JJ Nails Salon. Getting a manicure or pedicure? Guess again, its waxing time! Ok we waxed off the hair on his left leg. The pain that he went through was just unbearable for some of us while for others, it was pure fun and laughter. After getting a smooth and shiny left leg, its time to parade around one of the busiest area of MidValley, GSC cinemas. Unfortunately there wasn't anyone around so we just ate at McDonalds where we met this mischevious kid who suddenly grabbed the ball from the chain of the groom-to-be's feet. Looking puzzled, all of us just stared at him while he persistently held fast to the ball and smiled. Then he suddenly jumped up and screamed out some jibberish. The worst part was that he said, "I am very mischevious". This kid deserved a smack ultimately.

After the meal it was time for some public display of dancing so we brought the groom-to-be to the arcade and let him have a go on the dance machine, of course with the bars around his front body and ball and chain still tied to his feet. The look of the people around was just priceless, the weird puzzled look on their face when they see the groom but when they read the back of the t-shirt, they would understood everything and smiled. Of course there was the exception this lady at Carrefour where she literally scolded us saying, "Marriage is not a bondage, marriage is a pleasure". Then there was the view from the centre-court, where a huge crowd gathered to see some exhibition but guess who stole the limelight from the exhibition.

Anyway that night was a great and fun night with the guys and I am looking forward when another one of us gets married. Have to think of more worse things to do. Maybe ride the LRT and parade around KLCC.

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JoSh said...

You wait till YOU get married dude!