Saturday, 6 November 2004

The end of the week

Finally the end of the week is here and Saturday is bright and cheerful. It has been a long and hectic week but things all went well and I can finally get a good rest this weekend. Actually I am just waiting for Wednesday where I officially start my 9 day break. Woohoo! But then again I have to complete all my work before then which only leaves me two days so I guess I may have to work late for those two nights. Bummer. The past week on the other hand was quite ok. Didn't have much to do on Monday so I could leave at exactly 5.30pm sharp. Tuesday and Wednesday on the other hand was a different story. More and more problems poured in so I arrived late for leader's meeting on Tuesday and almost late for cell group on Wednesday. All thanks to QA but I am not going to ellaborate my work here. I believe that things that happen at work should stay there.

Anyway, Thursday was great as I could leave early and I watched "The Terminal" at 1 utama. The movie was excellent giving me plenty of laughs and I believe that this is one of Steven Spielberg"s best comedy. The movie set was awesome itself. I can't believe that they actually built an entire airport terminal just for this movie. The movie honestly cheered me up. Yesterday, or jam Friday I would call it left me frustrated. At first when I left the office, I expected the usual traffic jam at the round-about outside my office but the road was clear. I thought that I could actually reach back without feeling that frustrated. But as usual the Subang turn-off to the NKVE was jammed up and the NKVE itself was crawling. Took me about 45 minutes to reach home. Cell at 8pm, reached home at 7.20pm. Great! Took about 20 minutes to change, grab my guitar and printed out the worship notes and left my house at 7.40-7.45pm. And right outside Centrepoint was I welcomed to a huge queue which left me stuck along the Bandar Utama stretch for about an hour all the way until the bridge near Sony. Now that just was all I could bear but thanks to the great fun I had with my cell members, the frustration left pretty quick.