Sunday, 2 January 2005

Happy New Year!

As 2004 ends with a tragic event, 2005 ushers in a new hope that lights the lives of those affected by the tsunami. As more and more countries send more aid and help, either I sense one another each country is competing against the other to see who donates more or teamwork, efforts joined to bring food and aid to those badly hit by the tsunami. As death tolls increase every day, what can we do but pray for them, to ask God to send His peace and loving kindness and grace to the victims, to bring comforting to those mourning over the deaths of their loved ones. In all these chaotic moments, one can only rely on hope and this hope drives us humans forward, to overcome challenges and to learn from past mitakes. Know this and keep this in your heart. God bless! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok it may not be that entirely happpy for me thanks to a certain blind referee who couldn't see that blantantly obvious handball in the penalty box by a certain defender who plays for a certain blue team! Honestly, Liverpool deserved the penalty and by the way they are playing they could have won the game. But woe is the curse of injured players on Liverpool, as Alonso has become another victim of this evil curse. Well we can only lick our wounds and cry foul or look towards getting a couple of replacements and work harder to achieve a decent standing in the league as well as the highly coveted Champions League spot.