Friday, 18 February 2005

Its been a while

Well it has been a while since I last update which was sometime in January and now its near the end of February. I turned 23 this month and it seems that I feel that I am getting older or somewhere close to being a full fledged adult. Chinese New Year is also coming to an end, next week on Wednesday and this year has been the first time in 4 years I actually gotten a red packet. I can only blame myself for not mixing more with the married hongkies in Sheffield, well, the only hongkies I know are about my age. Maybe I should have visited those chinese take-aways, but then again I am not their usual customer or one that comes often whereby they would give me one. So here I am back online and ranting as usual. I feel that I am growing a little chubby so drastic measures are being taken as I type this, well the fact that I stop eating breakfast and just take a cup of milo or a packet of chocolate milk should last me through lunch whereby I just eat a small bun except for Fridays though, I take a full meal.

Up until yesterday, I seemed to be obsessed with the new Motorola Razr V3 phone. At its current price at RM2699, the price to feature ratio does not seem at all viable. At that price other people would rather get the ever increasingly popular O2 XDA II Mini which I have seen and played (it looks absolutely gorgeous) on Wednesday night. But the looks of the phones seems to be the one that draws me closer to it especially that this is a super slim flip phone which actually offers bluetooth technology. In case most of you out there do not know, most small compact flip mobile phones do not have bluetooth.

I think right now, I seem to be learning lots and lots of patience. Actually I am trying to learn patience but it seems that every minute or so I just get ultra impatient over anything. Liverpool on the other hand gets me in a super depressed mood where the team doesn't really seem to play to expectation. Win one game and then lose the next few and the cycle starts all over again. It just gets really frustating to see such a wonderful club suffer at the hands of players who can't do things right consistently. After the defeat at the hands of Birmingham, I seem to have a cloud of doubt over me thinking that their past victories this season seem to contain a fair amount of luck on our side and not skill.

Over last week though I just managed to visit the Curve for my first time. Ate lunch there at this noodle bar cum shop where it uses fresh noodles instead of those which are covered in persevatives. The menu looked rather good but the most perculiar thing was that they had spaghetti on the menu amongst other local favourite noodle dishes such as laksa, curry mee and mee mamak. The price though was attrocious, who in their right mind pay RM10.92 for a bowl of mee mamak and a cup of ice lemon tea which was filled with ice. Believe you me, it took me two gulps to finish the entire cup of tea. The noodles weren't to say spectacular and it wasn't at all filling. So if I were you, stay away from this shop, Only Mee.

Ok its time to sign off. Have a great weekend!