Sunday, 20 February 2005

Pranks and Such

Sometime this week I came across this site which provided me with one of my best laughs I had in a long time. It really does show that conman have to get what they deserve as well. Head over here to read more about the Powerbook prank. The things some people do. But of course that is not the only pranks available to be read. Another funny one is the credit card prank where by this guy went out to prove that no one really checks the signature when you sign for items.

On another note, I ate at this Italian restaurant is SS2 last night. The food was good and the mushroom soup was the best I have ever tried. You really need to have a go, no other place serves mushroom soup as good as this place. Its the italian restaurant located right behind the old Daya Supermarket which has now turned in to a Maybank if I am correct. In other words, its at the same row as Murni and Secret Recipe. Anyway, if you do have a chance to try it out, just make sure you order the mushroom soup. I did order a lasagne last night but it wasn't anything too special to actually make a note of it. The service wasn't that great after all and the waiter was not quite up to par. Personally they need a lesson or two about being a waiter though. In case you can't find the place, its located directly next door to a pet shop.

For you gamers out there, Dota v6.0 will be released on the 28th of February, well according to Guinsoo in the forums. Unless someone hijacked his account and put a post in the forums in his account.