Monday, 11 April 2005

Email not working?

Ok, I guess that my email updates doesn't seem to work very well. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, blog updating using email is not as great as I would have thought. Firstly the updates are extremely late in being posted and now the entire update isn't posted as well. Oh well, looks like I have to log on to my account and do the updating again.

As for my good friend Lionel, do not be dishearted. There are plenty more opportunities for you. Learn from this experience and work harder ok? Believe me, I went through the same thing.

Josh, you are not coming back for summer? Well since you are working there, I expect a free breakfast, lunch and dinner when you get back in December. Oh yes, nothing less than RM50 per meal. For you, its about 7 quid so no complaining!

As for me, my skin is peeling thanks to the nasty sunburn I got from Bali. Next time, I am going to swim in sunblock lotion before I step under the sun when I am on the beach. Or else, I will just stick to reading a book in a cosy air conditioned Starbucks outlet!

On a side not, I noticed that there are some errors on the side bar. Looks like I need to either change my template or just figure out the problem.

I also finished reading "Who says Elephants can't Dance". Honestly it gave me a good insight of how corporate restructuring is, but that is just one of the many other scenarios.

Finally learned to not have such long paragraphs for my blog as it is hard to read or people tend to get lost in them and start to totally ignore it.