Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Ba bA ba lee

Its Wednesday and I have only 3 more days to go before leaving for Bali. Some form of relaxation I might add but in a way I am rather looking forward to it. Of course, who doesn't look forward to holidays, all the fun, food and laughter. Well there are its downsides such as Chuen is not able to come with me and Quest had to pull out last minute due to work related reasons.

Anyhow DUMC had an amazing time at their 25th Anniversary Dinner on Sunday night. The event was fantastic with plenty of video clips and performances showing DUMC from its very beginning till right where we are. The most interesting thing is the Dream Centre which DUMC hope to build in the coming years. The plans look awesome and the whole idea of a church that never sleeps is totally mind boggling. This is something I really look forward to.

Last night I managed to have a great time with Boon and Heng Leong with a bit of snooker and bak kut teh. Of course the price of the bak kut teh was crazy, RM520 for four people. Talk about craziness, well actually just divide that number by 10 and you get the real price. The seller always like to just mention them in the hundreds. The food was good, service was fast and if you have a craving for bak kut teh you can always head over to the shop behind Maybank in Paramount Gardens. I still remember the first time when Boon and Heng Leong conned me in to believing that the bill was really in the hundreds. That was when I saw the guy wrote the bill down on a piece of paper and I was just strucked dumb. Anyway I left with an extremely red face though that day.

Weather is getting awfully bad these days. I wonder why there aren't any air indexes report on the newspapers but its getting kinda bad. Even my colleague started getting rashes yesterday. Oh well, let it rain Lord!