Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Wow, 1 month and 20 days MIA

Yes, this site is not inactive and the sight of the many posts on my tag-board has spurred me to keep this site active with insights and thoughts coming from a llama (so calls Josh). Anyhow, life has been pretty hectic lately especially the last month. Was in a bit of a mixed feelings in certain areas of my life but right now, I am still as confused as ever but with a little more purpose in mind.

Went for a workshop in financial planning about 2 weeks back and boy, do I really need to personally manage my own finances. Suddenly I feel the need to thank God for my cheap canteen food I consume everyday at work, saves me moolah but puts my health at risk. Ok I will just stick to healthier food, so say I. Well my counter is still steady, 13kgs to go.

Recently everyone went and watched Episode 3. Personally, its alright because I don't like to watch movies where I know what will happen and how it ends. Well almost everyone knows how it ends because they have all seen Episode 4. Maybe that is why, my expectations were rather low because I knew that American type shows can't compare in terms of fighting scenes to those old Jet-Li movies. I thought the saber fight scenes were only so-so except for a few parts where it gotten interesting. In likeness of Hayden Christansen and Mark Hamil, both of them are equally "kayu" hence proves the phrase "like father, like son". Ok call me lame.

I need to properly warm up and warm down next time when I play futsal. Then I wouldn't have to go through the same pain I am going through right now, aching legs. Oh, lunch time is about over. No sleep today, maybe tomorrow instead. Ah Lionel, I envy the good food you get at KLCC but I don't envy the price.