Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Hopes and Joys

Ok, only but a few more days till 17th of June. Only then will we find out whether Liverpool gets to defend their Champions League title. So far with all the current backing they are receiving, there might be a high chance in Liverpool's favour. Other than that, its time for the transfer window to open and I am extremely curious who will Rafa Benitez bring in to the squad.

Will be having German food tomorrow night for dinner with my old housemates from Sheffield. I really wonder if I can find the restaurant that serves pork knuckles but in the event we cannot find the place, we might just settle for Bomb Brazil. Another lovely MEAT buffet to make me gain more weight instead of losing weight.

Started my low oil and fat content diet, I have to start cutting down on the oily food served in my company's canteen so its bread and fruits for me to eat. Already cut down on the teh ais and just sticking to water. Maybe I have a long way to go till 13kgs.