Tuesday, 24 January 2006


It has been a while since I last posted here. Time has been robbed of me recently, much of it lost to the ever continuous form of public transport which roams the pathways to KL. Strength has been seeping away from my very core, lost to the crowd which pushes me around from dawn till dusk. By the time I arrive at work, I am nothing more than an office worker, sitting at my desk punching the keys on my laptop. Things have really changed recently for me.

There are no more camcorders lying around me, there are no more oscilloscopes blinking away in front of my face, and there are no more television sets showing me grainy pictures coming from a half opened camcorder set. Gone are the days of standing in the hot sun shooting at still objects while trying to find every possible shade to cover under. Gone are the days where I burn my fingers trying to solder micro components onto miniscule circuit boards. Gone are the days of my 3 breaks a day, morning, lunch and tea. Gone are the days where I have to dress up like papa smurf.

As the new environment seep into my very being, I enjoy the subtle breeze of the air conditioner whilst sipping hot coffee. I don’t have to bust my brains out figuring how to work with Windows NT Japanese Edition nor do I have to figure out technical documents that are all in Japanese. Lost are the days when ex-colleagues act irrational and irritable. Lost are the days of school shoes and magnetic card slots.

I miss the prices of cheap food; where else can I get “nasi lemak” with a piece of fried chicken drumstick for the price of RM1.50. I miss traveling for only 25 minutes to get to work. I miss the great company of friends’ chit chatting around in the office. I miss the opportunities to learn from my technical wizards and I miss being able to sit in a meeting room and notice that everyone is asleep.

As time comes and goes, the only constant thing in this world is change. Ironic isn’t it. It is now that I bid farewell to my life dealing with camcorders, I never once regretted it and I still feel proud of having to have been part of the team which designed the JVC GR-D340EXM series plus other sub-models. I will never forget that time.