Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy 2006 everyone! I am really looking forward to this new and happy year. For one thing, it is the year of the dog, I am turning 24 this year and everything feels just great! Of course every new year is nothing without the usual new year resolutions and this time I have already made mine. So here goes,

1) To lose at least 10kg this year
2) To spend more quality time with Chuen
3) To spend my money wisely
4) To contribute more to society
5) To help more people
6) To be a better cell leader

There you go, all six of them for 2006. Now only 12 more months to go before 2007. The truth is that 2006 is a new beginning for me in so many areas, a new working environment, new colleagues and even new cell members. I have so many friends getting married this year and the first one will be this weekend, so its time for a road trip down to Johor!