Thursday, 26 January 2006

Keyboard Mania

Now since when did our computer keyboards become so complicated and expensive? I still remember the good old days when I can get a sub standard Logitech keyboard for less than RM30. Now we get keyboards that come with OLED and extra keys to enhance our gaming experience. Aren't we getting a little out of hand?

First on the list we have here is the new Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. It comes with a foldable LCD panel which allows you to display chat messages during games as well as crucial system information while gaming. This has been made to truly enhance our gaming experience. So what happened to just remembering what we have or the items we are carrying. Also with additional programmable buttons, this is truly a new experience for gamers to enjoy whilst winning USD$150,000 tournaments.

Next on the list is the upcoming Razer Tarantula OLED Keyboard. In case you do not know what OLED is, try searching it through Google. It's basically stands for organic LED (Light Emitting Diodes). Anyhow, with these two companies competing for that place in the niche gaming market, Razer are veterans when it comes to creating and designing precision mice and keyboards to enhance a gamer's gaming experience while Logitech is slowly trying to move in on Razer.

For me, I can't afford any of those keyboards so I shall be sticking to my nice black Logitech multimedia keyboard.

Image Source:
- Everything USB