Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Frustrated about frustrations

Since I started work at my new job, I hardly have any time to actually update my blog but last night I so wanted to update it only to be frustrated by how long it took for the page to load up. It was so bad that I couldn't even load some of the pages properly. After trying to log-on countless of times, all I get was the same error message.

To me that was a surprise as I knew that Google was extremely reliable hence for a few instances when I couldn’t access my Gmail account. The page would load sometimes but the most important part when entering a post via Blogger is that now we have to key in the verification code, the image of that code wasn’t loaded.

Now how would you post something if you can’t see the verification code? Well anyway all of that is done already, it all happened last night but as I am trying to enter in a post today, it is taking extremely long for the page to load.

Look at that? To be honest it is still loading right now. At least I can still write this on a word document while I wait for the page to load. Don’t even get me started on trying to insert in the images to this post.

All in all I do understand that Blogger has been getting so much publicity and that everyone has a Blogspot account nowadays, I guess that after seeing a documentary whereby Google showed the film crew their server farm and mentioning that they had over a hundred thousand servers running, I guess my expectations were rather high.

Anyhow by now the problems would have been solved but deep down I feel extremely frustrated. Am I just blaming poor Blogger on my own personal issues? Who knows? But I don't want to feel this way but no matter how it seems to hit me back. I tried doing things today but I don't get a reply so it makes me even more frustrated.

Could it be my own fault that I am like that but shouldn't I deserve something too? Am I wrong to ask for things sometimes instead of trying my best to give out everything? Am I wrong to just rely that it is always good to give rather than to receive?

Who knows?