Friday, 9 June 2006

The dark side

Yes I have finally fallen through to the dark side. I went ahead and bought myself a treat to enjoy when I release my stress after a hard days work. Well you can’t really blame me because Dell was offering a really good deal for it. Now all I can say that I am truly enjoying my TV series moments on a proper widescreen.

Currently I haven’t taken any photos of it yet and I can’t do a full review on it due to time constraints. Of course it will be rather boring and technical but I can always try to give it some good points since I bought it and of course the colour banding issue will also be there.

Two of my colleagues also bought the Dell monitors which were on offer but theirs was the 24” size which to me cost a little too much. Imagine you can actually buy two 20” monitors for the same price of a 24” monitor. Oh well the scenario is pretty much the same with getting two 17” monitors instead of getting a 20” widescreen.

But hey, here I am drinking a nice cool drink sitting in my room having to look at an Excel spreadsheet in full view with no hassle of scrolling through the pages to find the information I need. Even reading forums became much more easier for me right now.