Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Tiring Weekend

The weekend came and went by extremely fast but it was filled with fun activities such as a 6 hour band practice on Saturday in Setapak for the company's upcoming trip and dinner with my old JVC colleagues in 1Utama. The practice in the afternoon was great as I get to jam and sing along with some of my colleagues and friends and also take a lot of photos while I was there.

Dinner on the other hand was also fun because firstly, there were 12 of us and secondly, it was Saturday night and every restaurant was packed with people. So we ended up in Arena, yes Arena the food court because that is the only place that can accomodate all of us. Food wasn't that great of course and my ramen set shouldn't have cost me so much.

Early the next morning, I had another meeting at 8.30am somewhere in the heart of KL, Lake Gardens. The park was very nice and it has been a long time since the last time I've been there. Would definitely want to bring my camera along there the next time trying to take photos of the area. Maybe I can try to fiddle around with some exposure and shutter speed settings to get a nice effect.

The awaited England match that night ended in dissapointment for me as it was extremely boring and uneventful except for a wonderful Beckham trademark free-kick which decided the match. There were too many fouls which halted the flow of the game. Both teams played equally badly and England looked a tad bit too tired. I really do look forward for the next match but my confidence in them has dropped from low to nil.

Also I've added a couple of photo albums on my sidebar so go check them out.