Wednesday, 13 December 2006

And when you are hungry....

The weird things that people come up with sometimes just crack me up. Well for one thing is this toilet themed restaurant located somewhere in Taiwan. Not too bad considering that the customers actually have the appetite to eat at a location like this.

Look ma, the seats are soooo cute!

Well I guess when it comes to food and when you are hungry, I guess we can just about eat anything anywhere.

Hey, why doesn't my bowl have a back support?

Interestingly, in a restaurant themed in such a manner, how would one differentiate between a real toilet and private room in the restaurant? I guess maybe they might have a properly marked room to say, "Pee here only, not at your table".

Now I am guessing the ones hanging on the wall dispenses drinks?

From the looks of it, it seems like the bowl chairs are movable, well, if I ever wanted a nicely decorated toilet bowl, I would know where to look for.

Wow even the bowls are bowls

Besides just the chairs and tables, they even have toilet bowl shaped bowls to eat from, now I wonder how would a chocolate fudge would look like served in one of them bowls.

Well I guess the picture above explains it all. Yummy!