Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Christmas, it came and left

Christmas is a time to celebrate for everyone, for me it all started last week when I was compiling a video for my cell members who got married over the weekend. It was a compilation of their stag night videos which we took. Looks like I managed to grow a small passion to edit videos and combine them to produce some wonderful clips.

Of course there were plenty of ups and downs when I tried edit those videos, one of them was that my computer was a little too slow to work with the newest video editing software and it took plenty of time just to edit a few shots. Then because it was slow, it took forever just to import in videos and caused my computer to crash and corrupted the software. Working around those errors I keep getting was a real pain. After that, I guess I was a little too adventurous by not censoring any part of the video, thanks to that I had to remake it again.

But when you actually sit down and see the final product, I guess all that effort was so worth it. Of course there was plenty I could improve on and plenty more I can add in but I guess that was where my creativity touch can reach.

To me, the big satisfaction would be to see the bride and bridegroom's face when the video was played and the whole incident of him standing up and pointing to me saying, "You guys, are next!". Now, that was totally a Mastercard Priceless moment.

One thing I learned especially on Saturday when we were helping out during the wedding, chairs are pretty heavy and it takes strong men like us to move them. But overall, I think I overate on both Sunday and Monday thanks to all the wonderful food at the wedding dinner, and of course my ex-colleague's Christmas open house on Monday and Chuen's family dinner on Monday night.

I just ate lunch just now and I couldn't finish my half naan, thats right, half a naan and I couldn't eat anymore. That shows how much I ate yesterday. But what Keat-Seong told me just now, I better start training for my 21km run in March.

So my New Year's resolution is to lose at least 10kg this year and to complete the 21km run coming up in March.