Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Have DOTA will travel!

Last week was a pretty fun week, why? Well I managed to play in a DOTA tournament (and gotten 3rd place) as well as met up with my friends who returned from Australia. Well to start off with the DOTA tournament, it was pretty eventful as I learned that I do not react well under pressure, I wasn't the leader I meant to be and I couldn't carry the team as well as I would have hoped for.

The image may say one thing but the results don't

Anyway the entire competition wasn't meant to really pit skills versus skills but more of a way for us to relax after a long week of work and enjoy ourselves by meeting up and socializing with other colleagues from different projects.

There was a good crowd

As the night began, my team's first match up was a rather easy one where we beat them before time was up but our second and third matches showed our true skills. By that I meant that we lost to two other teams. Well that is our true skill especially with players who just started playing DOTA for the first time, I guess that getting 3rd place was a blessing instead.

Team Resources hard at work

With so much going on around us, I guess we can be considered lucky to be able to make it in one piece to the cafe, Clutch Gamers to be exact in SS2. Imagine trying to travel from Cyberjaya all the way down to SS2 on a Friday evening when it just rained heavily.

OMG! Who is that?!?!

Of course, every team in any game would require a mascot right? Our own little Dinghydog who decides to grace us with his presence all the way from Australia. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty touched that the whole gang was there to help cheer me on, Heng Leong, Lay Min, Adrian and Boon. Thanks to your support, our team managed to win a couple of close games.

Team Resources, RM50 vouchers?

The final game was quite close with us just beating the other team by a couple of points. Well thanks to the 35minute timelimit and our luck of draw, I guess we managed to reach 3rd placed because we did not face FS (who got 2nd) and we beat the Combo team by just 2 points.

The next time, I better start trying to get my game in place for the next DOTA match I undertake. By the time everything ended, it was a little close to 2am and I was extremely tired. Of course not without a burger at the SS2 mamak, delicious!