Thursday, 12 July 2007

What is your Transformers name?

With such a huge and growing success, Transformers the movie was superb and two weeks after the official launch, cinemas remain to be packed and even GSC Gold Class tickets were fully sold out. So much for a movie which impacted the lives of those who were kids in the 80s and 90s.

Of course that is not the end of it, I've even heard of collectibles being sold at a high price on eBay with the old Optimus Prime toy going for quite a hefty sum. Well, being as broke as I can be, I would just have to resort to some freebie offering on the web with any sort of relation to the famous Transformers brand itself.

After scouring through the web (to be really frank I stumbled upon this), I found my Transformers name. Sounds interesting right? So here I go inserting names and being the cheeky little bolehland kid, I decided to try out more than just my name.

Mark = Electrostreak (Autobot)

It seems that I am destined to be a goody goody guy. But I think Electrostreak sounds weird, I wonder what are my special abilities though.

Leo = Battlebolt (Decepticon)

It seems that my family name is way cooler! I wonder if this shows my true evil nature? Haha, who knows about that.

Since GMC were the car sponsors for Transformers the movie, I wonder how would it fair with our national cars.

Proton (our wonderful national car maker) = Magnoburst (Decepticon)

Sounds just about right, driving a Proton is rather scary as it might burst into flames when you crash!

Perodua = Magnoblast (Decepticon)

Wow, a great match as Perodua has been kicking Proton around in the local car market by capturing significant market share.

The kid inside of me tempted me to type even more funny words so I decided to try with the word "butt" and the results are......

butt = Cyberquake

I guess this refers to someone whose butt is as huge as an asteroid...

If you want to have some laughs yourself, check out this link here.

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Anonymous said...

What is a proton or a perudua what ever. Try good ole USA cars like mustangs thunderbird impalas even F150