Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Its Raining in the Forest??

Life for me has become increasingly busy and stressing at times but I am making do with all of that especially with a huge super milestone for the project I am coordinating occurring next week on the 18th of July. At the mean time, I will be trying to rush through quite a bit of work so that I can complete them before I fly off to Kuching, Sarawak tomorrow night (yes I will be attending the Sarawak Rain Forest Music Festival!!). With any luck, I can complete my work by then and ensure that I have everything ready to go forward.

I have been looking forward for this trip which we planned out since the Charge Up! Conference which I attend sometime back in March. Unfortunately my project Go-Live was then set to the 18th of July which is next week thus causing me to be a little stressed out at the moment. As they always said, work will be work but I can't help it thinking of all the issues and problems that always seem to come up at the very last moment.

On another totally unrelated matter, I won't be migrating my blog. The features found on Wordpress was rather lacking and it frustrated me quite a bit. I like to have a chat box on my blog but unfortunately it isn't available or maybe I am just too daft to set it up there. Until then, any sort of blog migration will be kept on hold.

Anyhow, I managed to finally upload the photos I took at the CYZ Leaders Retreat at MBS, you can view the photos here.