Monday, 21 June 2004

Back from the unknown

Ok I am sitting here in a cyber cafe at Centrepoint Bandar Utama updating my blog. This shows that I have no internet connection at home. Actually I just wanted the fast connection to check out my extremely full mailbox which did give me quite a surprise. On Tuesday I read that Yahoo was upgrading their mailboxes to 100MB and I was surprised to see that my Yahoo mailbox has increased to 100MB today. Looks like I can keep more mail now. Not too bad Yahoo!

Life here is great in Malaysia, having loads of fun and of course the food is great. Job hunting hasn't really begin until I find out more about the Institute of Engineers here in Malaysia so I would like to enquire more about it. Other than that life is pretty much as exciting as ever, ever since Euro 2004 started. Right now I am beginning to curse the time difference since all the matches here are like at 2.45am in the morning so come in England, I am losing sleep to watch you!