Monday, 14 March 2005

Allergies? Bah I hate them...

Okay, what I thought would have been a fun way to spend Sunday would be to play futsal in the evening and then head over to a birthday bash at night. I mean, it would have been fun and more productive but not for me. Let me explain. It all began right after church service, I decided to have lunch with my good friend Andrew near church. We settled in at the coffee shop opposite KFC and the both of us ate the usual mixed rice.

Lunch was good and we even had a bit of activity during our meal. Apparently someone dropped her purse in the coffee shop and thanks to the coffee shop owners being my old school mate's parents, they asked me, Andrew and Joshua's parents whether the wallet belonged to someone in church. And there started out activity, everyone pooled their resources trying to contact anyone they could think of in church to see if they knew the owner of the wallet. After a good 10-15mins of mass calling, the answer came back zip and we had to eventually leave the wallet with my friend's parents, the coffeeshop owners.

Anyway since Chuen was arriving at church at about 2+pm, I had about 20minutes to kill so I went and pumped my petrol, and waited in church for her to arrive while reading my book. It was then suddenly I felt my whole entire face turn red hot and I knew it was flushing because I felt this sensation before the last time I had food poisoning. When Chuen arrived, she noticed my red face and quickly advised me whether if I wanted to see a doctor. I was reluctant at first but when she started noticing spots appearing on my hand, I knew I had to go to the nearest clinic.

Upon arrival, I was so glad there wasn't anyone else in line. So onwards I went to the doctor. By then my conditioned had worsened and my whole body was lobster red and more and more spots started appearing. See the effect, the doctor quickly gave me a job which evidently made me extremely drowsy. Chuen had to drive me home instead and by the time I got home, I was totally knocked out and slept for a couple of hours.

By Monday morning, which is this morning, I am totally cured. Praise God indeed! Alright, now to finally fix my Ipaq which has been out of order for about 5 months thanks to my carelessness. Yeah, I cracked the LCD screen. Need to invest in a hard case, I really do!