Monday, 7 March 2005

Fall to pieces?

Ok the title has been ringing in my ears for the past minute. Actually its a line from the song I am currently listening to on my MP3 player. Its a really nice song by Caedmon's Call called High Countries. Last week has been much of a blur for me, firstly I was out from work for 4 days. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Actually I was kind of sick on Sunday itself and by Monday I wasn't well enough to go to work and the doctor said that I had an infection coming on soon. But by Tuesday I was well enough to go to work and after work on Tuesday I went to 1 Utama to get more Nescafe 3in1 for work and I needed to get a file and a name card holder. So happily I went there with Chuen and we headed to the new food court. I tried out their cheese baked rice from the stall located at the entrance of the new food court and it wasn't that great. The rice was actually cooked before hand and the cheese and chicken was then heated up on top of the rice so it can't really be called cheese baked rice. Anyhow after that when I went home, I didn't feel too good already. My stomach was acting up and I couldn't sleep at all, I kept waking up each hour after the next and by 4.30am I was in my toilet vomitting everything out. This was Wednesday already and I headed over to the clinic nearby and found out that I had an extremely high fever with temperatures of 39 degrees celcius.

So being confined in bed sucks and waiting an hour at the clinic for your turn is even more unbearable especially when you are that sick. Worse case scenario is that by the time its your turn, my fever could have dissapeard haha. But after 5 days of rest, I still think that I am not that fit yet both mentally and physically. I believe that I need at least another week before I fully recover and start my exercise regime.