Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Email, slow? Really its true.

Ok, to explain that weird title for today, firstly I have been updating my blod via email and the time at which I sent out the email does not match the time posted on my blog. For example, one of my previous posts talk about being at work on Saturday. Well I wrote that when I gotten home on Saturday but the time at which it was posted on my blog was Sunday. So there is a lag. Right now its just after work at about 5.50pm 1st of March 2005. Lets see how long will this post take.

On the side, Pre-U getaway was great, even though I arrived more than a day late because I had to work on Saturday, never the less, I enjoyed myself during the sharing sessions and I felt that I have gotten to know some people more. The drive up there was crazy, seriously, I tell you a 1.6A Waja definitely has no power. The car was struggling as if it were towing an elephant up the slope and I could see Iswaras and Kancils overtake me like there was no tomorrow. I bet that if there were busses the time I was going up, my whole car would be eating their black smoggy dust. Also in case any of you plan to go up to Genting and the McDonald's at the base of the hill is one of your pit stops, please take the Genting Sepah exit instead of the earlier exit which leads directly straight up the hill. Well sadly I had to experiece that. My stomach was all set for a Chicken Deluxe burger and all I had to settle for was a plate of chicken rice at Gohtong Jaya and the food was so bad and the price was crazy. I paid RM19 in total for a plate of chicken rice, curry noodles, glutinuous rice (loh mai kai) and 2 100-plus. I tell you, not only does the casino rob you of money, restaurant owners as well.

Actually funnily I only remembered to turn-off my air conditioner only after we left Gohtong Jaya. Only then did I manage to squeeze out more power from my moving bricks with wheels and only then did I manage to keep up with other cars instead of hogging the left lane all the way to Peacehaven. The drive down was great, although the suspensions were a little soft on the Waja and during each corner I could feel the car wobbling from left to right as if it were a ship on rough seas. Of course going down Genting without my trusty Starbucks is a no no. Thank goodness there is a Starbucks at the top haha. By the way, I heard that Starbucks opened a lot at Sunway college. I wonder if they will ever consider opening one at Taylor's or in front of Taylors. Then I could predict that their business will come mainly during the weekdays when there are plenty of students and empty on the weekends when the colleges are practically deserted.

Dota v6.0 is not out yet. Still, I am patient as I have other series to watch including both anime and US series. Also been catching the latest series called Numb3rs. Quite interesting. Have a go if you have the time. I have to personally thank Ian for recommending that series to me.