Wednesday, 12 October 2005

UVJ Search Photos

I finally gotten around to sticking up these photos on my blog. Well firstly, it was taken using my camera phone (VGA camera), so the quality isn't that great.

This picture was taken at the reception area where we had to wait until we were brought in to the set. Once inside the set, there must be no handphones turned on so a quick snapshot was in order.

Everyone had a banner like this and all we had to do was to write down the name of who we are supporting. Its a pity I didn't manage to get a snapshot of the huge cardboard signs which Nadia made. They were awesome!

This was how the set looked like when the show ended. The entire place wasn't really big, there weren't enough seats for everyone as well. Some people had to sit at the sides which were rather uncomfortable.

Once the show ended, everyone was ushered out of the studio and then out of the building. Of course there were people still hanging around chit chatting.

To me, this was a first time for me being in a studio and since I into camcorder designing, those huge tv cameras really blew me away. Next time, I am going to bring a camera or at least try to take more pictures with my phone. Honestly I am rather surprised that the pictures turned out better than expected, well at least compared to the old Nokia pictures I took.