Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Tag - I'M IT..

Alright I have been tagged by my good friend Ikewauhc and it seems I have to answer many many questions in order to lift this tagging curse that has fallen unto me. Lets begin, shall we?

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1) Leave a legacy
2) To be married and have kids
3) To drive at least two supercars
4) To say goodbye to everyone I know
5) To try all the tasty food in the world
6) To tell certain people what I really think of them
7) To travel around the world

Seven things you could do:
1) Improve my vocabulary
2) Be more patient
3) Spend more time with friends and family
4) Earn more money
5) Master mandarin (it will take a while)
6) Lose about 15kg and be fitter
7) Take more photos

Seven celebrity crushes:
1) Sandra Bullock
2) The girl who acted in some movie about losing a guy in 10 days
3) The girl who acted in one of Andy Lau's gambling show
4) Britney Spears
5) Jeniffer Aniston
6) I can't remember her name
7) I can't remember her name

Seven often repeated words:
1) Ala...
2) What the heck?
3) Oh crap!
4) Er, excuse me...
5) Yupp!
6) Really?
7) Sigh....

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) Long straight silky hair
2) Smooth skin
3) Slightly tanned skin
4) Big lips
5) Slightly tall
6) Small built
7) Can make funny cheeky faces

Now to tag someone else!

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ikewauhc said...

Hey you can't tag Grace and Chuen! I already tagged them! Ok fine so maybe you have the lisence to tag Chuen, but Grace?!?! Oh well, not my problem... she has to come up with 14 items for each category.... Hahaha