Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Weekend rush!

It has been a little over a week since my Clarks shoes was stolen from my front door and the first priority for me is to get a decent pair of shoes for myself rather than walking around everywhere in a pair of slippers. So last week I opened my mail box and found an email advertising a Clarks warehouse sale in Shah Alam. A quick discussion with my family and we were on our way there.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a massive traffic slowdown right in front of the factory lot and finding parking wasn't easy. I think binomial interpolation was easier. Anyhow after squeezing my car about a hundred meters away, I walked in to the lot only to find this.

There was a massive crowd of sweaty people, waiting for their turn to be let into the warehouse. I couldn't even look inside and man, was I hot. After another 5 mins, yup you guessed, even more people arrived. They stood behind and started pushing.

My screams for help landed on deaf crazed shoppers who think that shoes are the truth and light of this world. Well at least this warehouse sale is better than the one at Sony recently. After about 10mins, I was finally in. My mum decided to start lining at the queue first whilst me and my dad went looking around for shoes.

After a quick check through the men's shoes and looking at the catalogues, I couldn't find anything of my liking and so did my dad. There weren't any formal sort of shoes and most of them were sandals and loafers. I didn't really fancy paying RM300 for some casual shoes anyway.

Finally to conclude my Clarks Warehouse shoes sale, at the end of the day I finally managed to get myself a pair of shoes.

And I got these at almost the same price as those Clarks casual shoes that were on sale!