Friday, 30 December 2005

I am a car thief

Ok, I admit it. Sometimes I look up "Mark Leo" in Google, well actually I do that to see if my blog actually comes up but something really funny came up instead.


Attempted break in
Lock up, hide contents and park in a safe place.

West Midlands Police are cracking down on car crime and Inside Out investigates the problem and reports on some of the solutions.

Mark Leo was a car thief. He is banned from every car park in the country until 2007.

Since leaving prison, in December 2002, Mark Leo has gone straight.

During his crime spree he was, previously, responsible for breaking into one in twenty of the cars in Wolverhampton city centre.

Nothing would deter him, not even closed circuit television cameras.

"Soon as they turn back round, duck, hide behind the car," explains Mark.

" Soon as they turn back round again, jump in and do what you got to do and go. So cameras are no deterrent really."

- Source

Man, I am a car thief, all the way in the UK. Eeeek! Of course that isn't me, its actually some weird parralel universe where everyone is named Mark Leo. That doesn't really help one bit for me here though. I really do need to find something else to do other then looking up my name in Google or lepaking around. Productivity is the key word for me next year!

Darn it, why are there sirens outside my house now???

Just kidding, Happy New Year everybody!