Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Noob shots!

Over the past couple of days I had so little sleep because I was attending a conference over the weekend. The workshop which I attended was on the subject of photography as I just purchased a Nikon D40 sometime over in January. Armed with my kit lens and an open mind, I was rather excited to learn more about the whole area of it. Only having the knowledge that I need to be "there" at the "right moment" and that photography is a hell of an expensive hobby, my mind was enlightened as if a bunch of midichlorians entered my brain.

Photo: Taken at Blaze City Damansara Utama

Cool things I've learned from the workshop is to always be thankful with what you have, no matter how lousy you think your camera is, you definitely need to know how to use it. I had trouble trying to learn the features of my camera and was constantly using it on "Auto mode" because everytime I moved to Aperture priority or Manual mode, I kind of sucked at it.

Photo: Taken at 1 Utama Driving Range

This weekend was the very first time I went on a photo-shoot assignment with the theme being based on Genesis 1 on how the Earth was created in 7 days. Of course that didn't stop me from going about and taking some random shots as well. I thought overall I managed to learn a thing or two about taking photos and I think .

Photo: Taken at Bukit Kiara park, TTDI

One of the things I enjoyed most was learning from people who has similar interests in photography and being able to just learn how their minds think and how they shoot some of their shots was just a blessing to me.

Photo: Taken at 1 Utama Driving Range

Of course the next step for me is to learn how to edit some of these shots which I took. Still have plenty of areas where I can really improve on but of course, it is a learning progress. Because I have been hanging around people who enjoyed photography, I think the worst thing that happened to me was that everyone was showing me their lenses!

So much for self control that I am actually searching around for a new 50mm F1.8 lens. Get the cheapest one first, that would be my first step and of course I need to get a couple of UV filters as well to protect that lens and my dad's 90-300mm Nikkor telephoto lens.

Anyway here are the photos which I submitted for my assignment.

A great thanks to the LiveWire team for organizing the conference as well as Louis Pang for being such a wonderful teacher.


ShaolinTiger said...

Do note that the 50mm f/1.8 will only function with manual focus (no af) on your camera as there's no focus motor in the lens.

Mark said...

Ah my biggest fear is coming through. Nevermind, its time to change to a D80 sometime in the future haha.

Louis said...

Hi Mark,

I like your shot taken near the drain. It was a unique perspective. Well done. Changing to bigger lenses and getting better cameras don't always make one's pictures better. Stick in there and get the basics right and you'll see your images improve immensely.

Keep in touch!

Louis Pang

Mark said...

Hi Louis,

Thanks for the great tips and teachings during the workshop. I really enjoyed myself and I really learned a lot. I will definitely stick to the basics first and continue to learn more.