Friday, 16 September 2005

Kids, don't try this at home

Or anywhere else for that matter. What am I absolutely blabbing about? Very simple, weird flavoured mooncakes. I had the opportunity of trying out a blueberry mooncake last night and it tasted absolutely horrible. Seriously, they taste just like medicine. It was so bad that I couldn't even finish a quarter of the mooncake and it was already relatively smaller than the usual mooncakes. Funniest thing was that I tried to force Chuen into eating them but after tasting it myself, I wouldn't even give them to my enemies.

Also my colleague saw another flavour of mooncake at work, raspberry and cheese. Its like eating cough medicine flavoured mooncakes. Give me pandan, lotus paste or redbean anytime, no weird tasting, funny looking mooncakes for me. I truly wonder where this mooncake business is going to end up next. Satay flavoured mooncakes? Or maybe wasabi mooncakes? Who knows?

Surfing around the web earlier and I chanced upon some very nice pictures of the upcoming Windows Vista. Personally, it looks like a cross between how the Apple interface looks like together with a dash of Windows XP styling. The button designs look quite similar to that of Firefox though. Plenty of sites out there offering a lot of screenshots of Windows Vista. I'll just post some of them on my site.

-source: PCMAG.COM


Personally I think they look great. Can't wait for the actual version to be released soon and it also gives me a chance to upgrade to a 64-bit computer. But as usual, I would expect it to have plenty of bugs.


dinghy said...

Unrelated, but check this news story out: Power dressing man leaves trail of destruction.

Way cool! ^^

ikewauhc said...

Ehh fruit flavoured mooncakes rock! I had a strawberry one yesterday. It was really nice and it had a strawberry in place of the yolk. Haha

gRaCeY said...

I tried raspberry and cheese. It was ok. Also tried chocolate and banana. Now, that's what you call horrible. LOL.