Monday, 12 September 2005

Lack of funds

In about a months time, will not be running anymore due to lack of funds. I can't really afford to pay for those forwarding services anymore. Anyway to view this site just use the original address,

For those of you who have blogs that include links to this page, kindly switch from to Really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a wonderful Monday today!


ikewauhc said...

aiyoh.. so poor thing.. haha

dinghy said...

ouch, that bad meh... throw up more google ads? heheh, just kidding. :P

Mavik said...

Yeah man, with rising costs of petrol and other expenses, I have to cut back on some of my deemed "luxury" items such as domain names.

Nah I can't put more google adds, seems to be limited only though.

ikewauhc said...

ehh.. i'll put adsense on my blog and direct the funds to you ok? i don't need my own domain.. isn't........ hey.. sounds damned cool!!! see ya later mark, i'm off to get adsense for myself! hahahaha

Mavik said...

Looks like I have to hack into your Adsense account then LOL