Thursday, 10 June 2004

Arggh SO early in the morning

Its, alright 10am in the morning. Although that may not be that early compared to other people but waking up at 8am after going to bed at around 3am is pretty decently early. Well for one thing its going to be my last day in Sheffield as I will be flying back to Malaysia at this time tomorrow. Only 48 more hours to go before touching down at KLIA Airport. Ah can't wait to eat some Malaysian food after a long long while.

If any of you did actually go through those pages on the forums which I posted a link to earlier, kenjio has finished his 10 part short story about his trip to Genting. Not bad, bagged a girl friend after a short trip. I wonder what goes on in their minds. Being blur as sotong as usual.

I managed to get a book from the local Christian bookstore. Have to thank Ps Glynn and Naomi for ordering it for me. Couldn't have gotten it without their help. Can't wait to read that on the plane. Its called "Every Young Mans Battle". Also I have gotten the much awaited album called "Inspiration" by our none other than famous American Idol flop, William Hung. Although all those songs on the album weren't like any new songs but more like William's version of some famous songs (Yes She Bangs She Bangs is definitely on it), all in all, I give it a 0/10. Nuff sed!

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btey said...

You GET TO GO BACK!!! Gosh have a safe trip man. Remember to tarpau a couple of maggi goreng and send them to me. Food here is terrible man